Who Decides

The darkness does not decide or discriminate between fiends and friends It’s the men that doubt the intentions after many harrowing times with misplaced stories Why blame the weak sun and as the beautiful Moon is about to awaken? If the lies within are superior to the will of a man trying to stay away from them, the triumph and disaster is decided Allowances of … Continue reading Who Decides

Disquieting Times

Dissatisfaction cannot be confined for too long from the world. The windows may be closed, but those curious ears pressed against them cannot be reprimanded for their behaviour. The stormy eyes perceive the beautiful landscapes and morning sun to be too bright. The pacifying languages are all generalisations. Nostalgia becomes that strong nauseating aroma lingering around the house in a stubborn manner. The walls and … Continue reading Disquieting Times


Vain selection of time to wait in patience to breed impatience What possesses a soul after the mysterious caress of the night Striving in silence to suppress the tranquility; it’s an orthodox moment So many unwanted thoughts crawl all over like slithering vines Caged by them, but now vanity speaks of a different passion Dreaming of giving an artificial splendour to the crumbly walls While … Continue reading Vanity