Who Decides

The darkness does not decide or discriminate between fiends and friends

It’s the men that doubt the intentions after many harrowing times with misplaced stories

Why blame the weak sun and as the beautiful Moon is about to awaken?

If the lies within are superior to the will of a man trying to stay away from them, the triumph and disaster is decided

Allowances of the lies won’t allow an honest survival through the deficient times and droughts

From the erosion of consciousness, the failure to sow the seeds at the time of life’s harvest

Yields barren lands and the disappearing rivers reflect some sinister images

Risks of those animals turning away from the lands of tribes who have chosen the fate

Lean times yell for consciousness to rescue them from imminent danger of being devoured by darkness

If someone lords over the dreams, to be hurled away to prolonged serfdom, to align with their commands

When we cannot differentiate between the discriminations and defamations of wayward diktats


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