The Awkwardness

The awkward silence, furtive glances, uneasy shifting, and contorted feelings

“Once upon a time…” is a vague introduction, quite common for a fairytale

Whose denouement is a contrived happy feeling- language-legerdemain

A creative way of colouring the similarities in all ages, but there’s no jubilant triumph

The continual disparity, depravity of few, like a chain that locks itself around the next episodes

Temerity erupts from fragility, from fear of losing that illegitimate power- to suppress, depress, persecute, and abuse 

Once in a while, the volcano of emotions erupt; rage flows through the streets

Unrepentant, after being pushed and flattened; it is the admirable courage of human resilience

Now, if you feel, being all the same, and speaking the language of conformity is sane

It is not the popularity or adulations that is going to save existence; harsh realities cannot be swept away


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