Gifts from a Writer to a Reader

The literal penury of a writer can be only fulfilled by the affluence of language; whichever language the writer composes the work, cannot be easily satiated by emaciated words. Even the mundane ones and clichés do not justify the hunger to create a work of Art.

The blank pages, waiting like a dissatisfying lover has to be wooed by the prosperous feelings, conveyed in a good-natured manner though eloquent expressions of the soul’s language.

Waiting to be with the lover arouses the desire to gather and earn as much wealth from the vaults of languages. One has to earn it! There is no sanctity in criminal intent to ravage the entire sentiment of creative desire. At times it is difficult to persevere, as the learning to earning becomes a metaphorical journey where the wealth is not worldly, but a lifetime of knowledge that can be the writer’s, forever.

Initially, during the fretful days, when the blank pages transform into sinister abysses; whatever little is composed never seem to fill their desire. Words, words, and more words- it’s is a difficult realisation that words (in the creative world they are priceless, and more are there to be crafted and placed on the right places) can create a creatively vibrant work which can surpass the most luxurious creation the world will read; dazzling the eyes with well-crafted cadence, reflecting precision light through their burning passion.

A writer is perceived to be the most magnanimous while sharing from the riches gathered during times of penury with every one of them who reads the work, creation, and composition with integrity and passion. The writer’s coffer is empty after each creation; all the riches have embellished the piece of work. The writer wants to be in penury and hunger to ignite the desire to earn more luxurious words, to create a work that will dazzle the naysayers too.

It is not about acquiring wealth but presenting them to ardent readers. A writer is delightful when he sees the charming eyes reflecting the brilliant work of art with enthusiasm. This relationship between the writers is the most valuable and cannot be compared to any other facet of a relationship that the world usually knows or feels.

The idea of a selfless relationship with readers- of friendship, respect, gratitude, love, support, and most importantly the innocent ritual of gifting each other, makes the literary world a place where dreams still thrive, without the worldly expectations.


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