The Orb in a Vacuum

The ghostly hours sneak into the mind to fool around with thoughts,

It reminds the heart of all the memories that were forgotten but not lost;

They must have been somewhere in the scheme to unnerve the plot.

The soul must be engaged with the ephemeral chaos around a glowing orb-

These vanishing hours invoke the unpleasantness of impious powers.


Languid reveries are breathed new life by some raised desires of a spell,

Losing one’s identity among the aroused reality flowing effortlessly.

Nebulous vision watches the world in a haze of excitements; a synchronised drill,

Of the Spirits of another world trying to manipulate time and it’s relevance.

Tremulous lips utter obscure sounds, in the synchronicity of another time.


A glowing orb pulsates in a tremendous passion of some exorcised rhythm,

In the unfortunate memory of being in a knot, when the life drops were in a clot.

Fantasy is severe one the psyche of time, pressed by the onerous designs of such passion;

Claims and defenses are separated by a magical glass wall tougher than any earthly truth.

Choosing between the fantasies and senseless meanderings of a timeless vacuum.



2 thoughts on “The Orb in a Vacuum

  1. I love your vocabulary. ❤️
    I’ve changed mine a bit this time on WordPress but you sure make me reminiscent!
    I’ve been writing more prose so things had to be adjusted a bit. I need to revisit my other poetic style!

    Liked by 1 person

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