Thoughts were banished at the end of a balmy day

Relentless they were, to trigger the ebb and flow of life

A charmed life lost in the meanderings of loquacious ways

Phantom dreams mislead the weary traveller

Fame, once inscribed on the temple have lessened

Weathering turmoil, through the seasons of intellectual drought

The feigned gilded wings failed to take off

Slumbers of spurious dreams have intoxicated the heart

Charms lost, in the drifted deliberations 

The intermingling of fear is a unique ecosystem

Once empty ways now filled everyday wastes

Eyes of the creation witnesses the apathy of man

Promiscuous dreams have not aggrandized paradise

Forgotten names, erased names, and nameless faces

Eyeing the pleasures of those fabricated dreams

There are no promised thoughts anymore

Inscriptions somewhere have aged and died

Slippery ascent have deterred the resilience

Through the ages, the infirmity has been obsessive

Concealed thoughts banished on a balmy day


* Here ‘Temple’ means forehead

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