Where Dreams Come From

Where a dream would come from?

From sleeplessness or lengthened days of deep sleep

The fear of not going further into that slumberous world

For, once accidentally the soul may have walked too far into a native land

A devout wish of the wandering heart could not rhythm there

A nobler world was forgotten around the crucial bend of life

Mirroring the death in sleep, when the foes want to fool around

Not dreaming too much in a state of celestial paralysis

The cludge dreams are misshapen by the hasty minds

What’s the merit of thinking of the universe’s truth

Being awake with the worries is something that death also eyes

Conscience can be the Divine intervention to kill such dreams

Why compromise with the enterprises of busy mishaps?

The pale shape of dreams are mostly desired

Where they come from is not the resolution of a soul


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