Enough Reason

Thinking is an audacious act! When I say this, I do not refer to the mundane thoughts or thinking about what others narrate to you or overhear. Our daily communication is either disrupted or disrupted by blaring useless information. We pick up the portions which we want to hear (selective hearing), as our highly skeptical mind would allow. Somewhere, there is fear of being identified as being outspoken, which can torment the usual circumstances that we wrap our life with.

When this mundanity becomes intense, we fail to be surprised by anything that lies outside the premise of the shrinking world; a world that soon threatens to crumble from its brittleness. How can we fail to evolve every day and miss the opportunity to utilise it to seek freedom? To deny the knowledge of the universe and also to be in an echo-chamber of futile, regressive, and apathetic thoughts can only add to the miseries. It’s like a constant broadcast to dull the senses! 

Is nature losing hope and turning hostile? What if, it could be pacified by changing the course of human thinking and concerns towards more daring to comprehend the feelings of this world? Emerging from the lethal shadows of dogmatic thoughts can be the beginning of new perspectives, without the filters that obfuscate such views. It is easy to remain lost in a crowd where it becomes difficult to move towards a new course but only pushed ahead, against one’s will.


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