Mechanised Thinking

In all the mechanised thinking, it just takes one tweak to either distort or dismantle them. The propensity to tune in to a specific hour to wake them is a sort of learned behaviour. The clock can be manipulated to distort an illusion and wound the entire process to jeopardise the mechanical thinking. Now that the senses are gasping for freedom, there will be an … Continue reading Mechanised Thinking

Indecent Influence

Upon whose influence do you import those ideas? Without even communing with the necessary voices Roam the streets; the ones deserted by fashionable ideas Where there is penury, but traces of honesty too Moist eyes know, the grubby hands won’t be filled with wealth Mornings are mourned amidst the hunger pangs In contrast, dumb streets are lit up with offensive affluence Lazy morning, rather luxurious … Continue reading Indecent Influence