Indecent Influence

Upon whose influence do you import those ideas?

Without even communing with the necessary voices

Roam the streets; the ones deserted by fashionable ideas

Where there is penury, but traces of honesty too

Moist eyes know, the grubby hands won’t be filled with wealth

Mornings are mourned amidst the hunger pangs

In contrast, dumb streets are lit up with offensive affluence

Lazy morning, rather luxurious and nights of revelry

Who consented to this disparity?

Even the hollow dreams are being sold- aggressively, without consent

Coerced to buy, but their returns are a pittance

Someone composes the philosophical dirge

Death of consciousness and intentional erosion of intellect

Don’t we witness the scenes of avarice and double-dealing?

All those imported ideas to defeat joys, hope, dreams

Holding on to weak powers of constant hate and rage

Eventually, none of the streets would be spared of rebellion

Swanky or tyrannised streets shall meet at a confluence

Of human outrage, once the masks of imported ideas fall off

The dark glasses won’t filter the pathetic behaviour


4 thoughts on “Indecent Influence

      1. We all witnessed hell in one form or the other. Ways of dealing with it differ. I try not letting it control my life. Let’s say I’m partly successful. Melancholy prevails though.
        One thing that’s good about it is that I find it inspirational for writing.

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      2. Yes, you are right. Life and it’s undulating moments bring us to the shores of melancholy. How one navigate that stretch and pave the way towards light and hope is found in a poet/writer’s composition.

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