Mechanised Thinking

In all the mechanised thinking, it just takes one tweak to either distort or dismantle them. The propensity to tune in to a specific hour to wake them is a sort of learned behaviour. The clock can be manipulated to distort an illusion and wound the entire process to jeopardise the mechanical thinking. Now that the senses are gasping for freedom, there will be an attempt to liberate the thoughts. We may all know the advantages of freedom, but we are incapable of applying it to our advantage most of the time. Yes, it is time to recognise our dignity to act and think in harmony of this existence. We often alienate ourselves from the natural instincts of free-thinking, as many of the psychological discourses have created some doubt on that inherent process. The impediments become more sophisticated and widely known! It is for the true spirit of life to unshackle from the desire to be bound by a mechanised way of existence.


7 thoughts on “Mechanised Thinking

    1. Manipulation of an illusion is the timely intervention to stop logic from functioning. We have made time essential in the most inappropriate way… Have I missed the poetry you have written?


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