Unreasonable Reason

Our eloquent eulogies of greatness and legacies are given less importance compared to the vociferous support of mediocrity and dogmatic actions. While we all are more or less aware of the philosophies that have and continue to shape human existence, there is always a fierce battle to belittle those efforts. We cannot rise above selfishness, idiosyncrasies, and mass hysteria. Our monumental effort to seek freedom from the morass of hypocrisy snuffs out the reasons to do so. Bound by tormenting times, the settled are unsettled, future indoctrinated, and culture of fear propagated through dishonest channels. The fact that we create detrimental perceptions are results of such continuous effort to decimate common sense and inherent feeling of responsibility. We restrain our thoughts and reason with the mass euphoria of jingoism. We are offended but the truth (calling it a bitter truth), while foolishly surrendering to the frail ideologies of discrimination. The reasons we act in such a way may be unconvincing, yet, we convincingly, out of habit go with the unreasonable reasons. That negativity follows us too closely is a cause for concern. We seem to have been quite extravagant with the negative reasons, while the great eulogies have become silent. There is no reason to reason with the unreasonable!


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