Vile Time

Is time wicked or it senses the fickleness in the air Of fictitious reality intercepting the unrighteous thoughts Muses aren’t amused by the stories that follow None can reign the winds spawned by evil forces Lies travel with immoral intent across the dark territories Awakened by the sinister chants from deep caverns Conspires with the rogue time of some malefic age A cold breath of … Continue reading Vile Time

The Knowing and Comprehending

Let’s say, “Do we really know ourselves?” Apart from our name, religion, beliefs, culture, educational degrees et al, can we really describe ourselves in as many words? Words aren’t sufficient, as they can be used to distort the meanings. We give meaning to so many things, yet, we fail to elaborate on them or speak convincingly. We postulate and then build on the possibilities. That … Continue reading The Knowing and Comprehending