The Knowing and Comprehending

Let’s say, “Do we really know ourselves?” Apart from our name, religion, beliefs, culture, educational degrees et al, can we really describe ourselves in as many words? Words aren’t sufficient, as they can be used to distort the meanings. We give meaning to so many things, yet, we fail to elaborate on them or speak convincingly. We postulate and then build on the possibilities. That we see or at least replicate or evaluate becomes our reference. Probably, not everything that exists is supposed to be comprehended by humanity; some of the invisible truth will be beyond our consciousness.

What if, the invisible can only be interpreted by a few but misunderstood by many? It is true that our imagination has been compromised and the scope of thinking reduced drastically. The more we engage with the indisciplined thoughts that trigger chaos, there is a greater chance of diminutive and defensive thinking. The premise of the debate now resembles a hostile and vile attempt to disparage in vulgar language. We find it difficult to express ourselves while being caught between violent exchanges of bigoted views.

Those who can disengage from this continuous devolution can really experience freedom and find the purpose of an individual without the imposed definitions. Finding yourself, your purpose, and becoming comfortable with that reality will be the beginning of a rewarding journey. It will be a journey of freedom from stupid explanations to those who really do not care about knowledge and critical thoughts. It is observed that people will get offended at anything, more so, when the truth is being put out convincingly. Instead of trying to satisfy the fragile ego, the journey of knowing oneself and expressing the thought from that journey is essential and noble.


10 thoughts on “The Knowing and Comprehending

  1. Perhaps it’s not the expression and discussion that is needed so much as conscious action that makes and require just and nobility… but here again I find myself expressing!!
    Thank you for your sharing along this journey we all are on🙏

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