The Complexities of Writing

The concept of ‘arriviste’ does not seem suitable for writing and literature. There is no escapism once one decides on this journey. All this hubris about “I know everything” and “I can rest comfortably on my previous work”, is nothing but an illusionary world that jolts the feeling of complacency.

The writer’s humility and genuine fierceness to reflect upon the human fallibility, tribulations and prejudiced conflicts with credible words is a thankless and unselfish creative expression. Well, creativity faces unprecedented acclaim or fierce dissent!

I think, as a writer, it is important to use personal experiences to create a work that is not a personality based narrative, but more of a broader perspective(s) of life, society, and existential conflicts.

A writer’s work that goes beyond the ‘I’ and ‘me’ to reflect on the collective ‘we’ becomes the strong narrative that the readers would relate to.

As a writer, it is important to note, there isn’t any rest or laurels easily available due to the difficult nature of creativity. To expect the hues of populist viewpoints to aggrandise a piece of writing is not the courageous way of triggering passion. A writer’s inkpot filled with pretentious ink flows into an oblivious territory.

The contrived words will fail due to their fragile nature! Writing is not about the ego trip to compose a hagiography, but a literary journey of knowledge and its true appreciation. Literature and creativity will continue to shape the world’s thought process, so the responsibility is immense. Knowledge is about equality!


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