The Reflections

As if the Moon decided to not speak with the stars

Sullen moments ripple the uneasy tranquility

The wide-open windows and doors lean against sulking walls

Clouds offend the eternal love moments 

Settled in a chair which has witnessed many such nostalgic moments

The body cowers each time the heart sends some message

Damp light, empty glass, incomplete feelings, bland food

Many voices use this space now; it’s a difficult communication

An overbearing silence outside and commotion here

Will it be absurd to surrender to the inadequate words?

When they are used to disguise the truth of love

Hunger and parched throat pierces the soul

A world full of struggling passions emulate the insecurities

Such vainness is felt agonizingly when Moon remains silent

Even the stars are truant; eyes absorb that gloominess


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