Diminishing Moments and Hope

Breathing struggles to rhythm with the excesses of a hasty world

Floating dreams have to descend to the summons of impatient voices

Morning’s youth spent in the unnecessary errands

Tender moments wilt before they can bloom in worry-free moments

Spirit’s merriment curtailed by the hypnotic shrill of quagmire

Moments frozen in the void chills the heart and shivers judgments

Tears held back are settled in the melancholic pond of woes

Among the test of turbulent time, life cannot even dream of rest

Chest full of laments written in disconsolate ink stare provokingly

Mortal sparkles do not delight the unnatural wintry celebrations 

Midnight contemplation and early morning enthusiasm are transitory

Feelings are not felt any more, but perceived to be persistent chimera

Many beautiful scenes have been erased from the memories too

When this predicament will be cured from the ailments is still prayed for


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