Jealousy is Tragic

The world does not have the liberty to be jealous yet, this is the most prevalent feeling that transforms the natural instincts of humanity. While being teased everyday and waylaid by myriad distractions, jealousy continues to diminish the true purpose. Even the slightest and hollowed ideas burn with jealousy! A dreary feeling pervades the environment. How can one breathe in this stifling time? Lack of judgment, the inability to choose, discrimination, and lazy intellect fuels jealousy. Contempt for each other can only damage the relationship. Jealousy is slanderous and belittles the magnanimity of life. It is better to be frustrated with oneself for not trying more to change the perceptions of this world, rather than be restrained by some baser feelings. The eyes dream of seeing a world of love, character, bonhomie, gratitude, and positivism. That’s what dreams are supposed to be, but that little spark of jealousy can ignite the extravagance of tyranny.


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