On Poetry and Interpretations

Strong emotions aren’t suitably expressed with weak language. The intensity of poetry is lost in the difference of attitude. The character of such emotions is negated by the use of inadequate language. It becomes arduous to get in touch with the true intention and character of an emotion. They cannot be wasted on the perplexing imagery created with vague words. Protagonists of poetry are the emotions. The openness of poetry ought to be protected from the intrusive use of interpretative language.

The emotions in entirety or in fragments are to be adequately expressed by judicious use of language. A poetry can be very personal, revolving around life’s experiences, or could be of highly imaginative nature inspired by the same environment. The poetic chaos is expressed with distinct language/words. If poetry is presented artistically, the intensity will survive the through the turmoil.

The complexity of language is not to be seen as a hindrance to comprehending poetry, but as a journey to explore the layers of emotions in it. Break the monotony of confining or restricting poetry; allow the personal feelings to thrive through the creative journey. Poetry does stimulate such introspection from time to time, which is not only help think about poetic art in a new perspective. Literary criticism helps trim the excesses and allow the space to create more meaningful work.


3 thoughts on “On Poetry and Interpretations

  1. You said the right thing. Poetry should be stripped of interpretative language. And I’ll add, not only poetry. Same goes for art in general. I hate when I’m told what sth means. Art is a subjective experience and open to interpretations. Hence, no explanation’s needed.

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    1. Exactly, you said it. I too do not like to explain my poetry. Art is subjective and the unnecessary explanations take the sheen off it. One has to understand the social environment and the sentiment of the age that is represented through Art to even come closer to any interpretation.

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