The Amulet

The touch of brilliance sears the dull appearances of truant nature

Like an amulet wounds itself to protect it from the malevolent desires

Revered sire watches in silence from the heavenly abode

Worldly possessions are frail, and fade away from repeated dispute

The saviour! An amulet that shines from the eternity’s radiance

Torments of indulgence along with vagaries of untrustworthy expressions

From daily apprehensions arise the willingness to surrender 

Cryptic messages on the amulet echoes across the crimson tide


2 thoughts on “The Amulet

  1. Beautiful poem penned with the cryptic power of some heavenly amulet , which is only accessible only to some blessed people .
    You are really blessed as well as talented
    Good luck
    Keep sharing

    Liked by 1 person

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