Consequences of Fear- The Invisible and Visible

The unseen fear without realising the ghastly consequences

All avenues lead the thronging consciousness towards that dilemma

Guilty of not joining the commotion?

Everything could be wrong if the coercion was unheeded and silence preferred

Desires that are passioned like the majestic bull

For carnage and mayhem that will follow across the unrepentant annihilation

Fear spawns the devilish acts that slay indiscriminately; macabre deeds

There is no victory in this war but without a hint of guilt a catastrophic episode

No one understands the diabolic nature of fear and how it smothers life


14 thoughts on “Consequences of Fear- The Invisible and Visible

    1. That’s true. There is inherent and induced fear that can be aggravated by the type of environment. As you have rightly said, if one is willing to listen and explores out of the fear-zone, then it will be freedom.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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