While it is obvious that people will be doubtful and sway between ideologies that seems most relevant or suitable to the conscience, it must also be kept in mind that one has to possess judiciousness, clarity, and maturity to rise above the divisive nature to keep a balanced and nuanced view of such phases. Their existence and relevance must be studied to either reject or further their role if they have any merit, in the future. A lot of people are influenced or coerced by the present times to become a vocal supporter; without the reasons that go beyond a reasonable doubt.

It is a fallacy to appropriate those ideologies just to stir some uncomfortable situations according to some whimsical decision. Do not just propound theories, but speak to people to understand their sentiments before voicing your opinions on rehearsed chaos. Do not rely on too much verbiage to justify the failure.

Rather than defending garbage ideas, it is important to speak when necessary, that too with relevance to minimize or obliterate the consequences that challenge the harmony and sanctity of society. Even stupid silence means unintended consent. Others may opt for a more challenging role of an instigator at the behest of some misguided propagandist.


4 thoughts on “Misappropriation

    1. In a democratic and evolving society debate and healthy exchnage of ideas can bring necessary change. Tolerance for opposite views is necessary, but society should not cede that space to obstructionist ideas and intolerant propaganda. It takes maturity to listen, argue, and gather for sustainable development.

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