While Wandering

While wandering alone, there’s no one to destroy the name

It’s the daring soliloquies that either blame or praise the changing landscapes

Sometimes dense, sometimes sparse, there is always some astonishment

Of seeing the newness of the good and bad; there’s no vanity or hiding from fear

Or, the urge to hide in some deep cavern constructed by the doubtful shadows

Their overworked hands and overthinking minds are quite vengeful

It’s not about seeking tawdry fame or even hurrying up a speech for the occasion

Where applauds feel like numerous slaps on the words framing the soliloquies

Some omniscient voice does speak to the soul about the frequent misadventures

There is no desire to hold court and address them with exalted oratory

Freedom to create is born of the desire to wander while composing the experiences


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