It Does Appear

Dreams stir mildly at the approach of an unknown morrow An ephemeral destination will hastily pass through Ever seek in the creek, the reflection of a face and time Of the day willing to flee along with the accumulating dreams Streams of light bring some joy as a gift from another world None can flee the arrival of moments until the final goodbye ~Amitav Continue reading It Does Appear


Timid thoughts dare to run the course Wants to disentangle from the intimidations Of being called names by the unknown voices O’er there, the solitude is overbearing Foamy skies darken the spirit of the day Unknown sorcery wields the sinister wand Not all the forces here are friendly to life Incisive time scythes the emergence of new Dismal thoughts translated with dreadful ink Nothing moves, … Continue reading Timidity

It Takes Time

Incongruous enthusiasm and bleak optimism Discarded time picked up time and again The profanity of repeating the despairing acts Wily thoughts torment the mind with each word There’s no difference, but a lot of indifference Falsely praise the acumen acquired thus Love, a distant feeling; ne’er the heart feels An undertone of melancholy tinges the day The desire to pick up the fragments of time … Continue reading It Takes Time