Timid thoughts dare to run the course

Wants to disentangle from the intimidations

Of being called names by the unknown voices

O’er there, the solitude is overbearing

Foamy skies darken the spirit of the day

Unknown sorcery wields the sinister wand

Not all the forces here are friendly to life

Incisive time scythes the emergence of new

Dismal thoughts translated with dreadful ink

Nothing moves, but the morose time howls

Abandoned by the guiding forces of morn

Voices shrill flows like serpentine rivulets

Loneliness rapidly decays the unhealthy abode

Conspiring storm with wide open mouth 

Threaten to devour the remnants of sanity

Such emphasis is cryptically etched on rocks

Earth’s melody has been silent mysteriously

Some decaying power urges the timid ones

To intimidate life with the incoherent risks


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