The Truth Reveals

Let’s not squander the opportunities

Souls need to be heard but do not forget the faces

After many many talks and a few more stories later

Tired ears wish to rest amidst the silence

The night may not glow, but it still is quite tranquil

Precipitate thoughts have disappeared somewhere

Being among the sleeping trees brings the calming presence

To a life that had been misled through convoluted paths

Even the placid waters reflect the love of this moment

A simple veil makes the beautiful night more intriguing

It’s good that life did not rest after the summons of fate

A reclining posture and unrestrained imaginations

The reversed reality that is being reflected becomes vivid

There are no other stirrings of this world

It’s just silence and realisations- look deeper before they  disappear

Instead of balancing between two worlds, choose now

Where I and my dreams shall rest, with a sage conscience

The choice becomes intense, and celestial spheres rearrange


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