Unknown Visitor

A pleasant knock on the door

Early morning visitor guided by the night

Here, at the doorstep waiting for a response

The startled eyes and unprepared soul

Dreaming of a distant time deluged by falsehoods

Who arrived here isn’t trusted

Ignoring the gentle reminder from a visitor

Woken up from the bed by two realities

Ears pressed between the pillows

To soften the cacophony of unchosen life

Eyes cannot sleep anymore, neither dream nor cry

Try to see beyond this startling time

Chimes of a stereotypical clock unsettle more

Chores are waiting for a human stuck in worldliness

Laziness enshroud the choices one can make

Fake promises, and a door that is silent again

Maybe, a well-meaning messenger was present

To handover the few letters

What if the letters are stuck in between

A door can be quite stubborn

In a world that does not allow choices


12 thoughts on “Unknown Visitor

  1. Lovely lines Amitav… I was in that situation a decade ago, stuck… Then destiny changed course, and life took a turn but life is life, it is we who can call it good or bad. So I am ambivalent and keeping mum

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    1. I sometimes wonder how life can be full of such twist and turns. Sometimes we are in a situation where we can choose, while most of the time life chooses for us. I feel, the need to rest the mind can bring in some kind of respite and help decide the course.
      Thank you, Shalini for understanding the essence of this write.


      1. When you use easy words, then the essence of the poem is felt in the soul. When you use difficult words, then the brain tries to decipher meaning of each word, and the soul loses the essence.
        I have an average brain, so sometimes I can feel your words… Then I am able to comment.
        You are a great poet with a fabulous grasp of vocabulary, most of us are not…

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      2. 😃 the vocabulary I earn from my reading of literature. Thank you for reading my work, trying to understand them. And thank you the honest comment. I feel, the intensity of poetic art and intricacies sometimes create a dilemma.


      3. Agreed. Amitav, sometimes write for us to so that we can identify with your words.
        In saying that,I don’t mean that you shouldn’t write what you want, I mean that maybe simple words will heal us from inside out.
        Just a thought, kindly forgive me if I overstepped.
        It is your blog and your writing… But I like when your poems touch my soul…
        And I look up in wonder when they go 6 inches above my head… But I am an average brain… I say that and think – gawd he is a genius 😉😉😂😂


      4. I am sharing my poetry and writing on WordPress for everyone to read. Literature compositions have many facets to it- primarily the metaphors, philosophies, and other literary devices; these are essential for writing. Here is an article which l wrote, ‘The Facets of Poetry’ which explains the complexities of this genre of Art. Please read it whenever you get time; here’s the link- https://amitavchowdhury.wordpress.com/2018/08/23/the-facets-of-poetry/

        I do not explain my poetry, but I do write about poetry and the creative process that it is. A poet explores life and the occurrences to compose poetry. That life and it’s emotions are too expansive.

        I ain’t a genius or anyone great, it’s my passion to contemplate, read, write, and seek the purpose in writing from the unexplored expansive emotions. Literature is always open to critiques and discussions as it is subjective. There can be so many interpretations for a single poetry or work of Art. That literature cannot just be within a set boundary, makes it intriguing and interesting.


      5. There’s nothing to delete here. You expressed your opinion, which is fair. If there were no critiques or counter-opinions, then there wouldn’t be any debate or further discussion on anything, leave alone Art and literature.
        It was my reply to your opinion/suggestion. In fact, I thank you for honestly putting forward your viewpoint here.


      6. Amitav, you should know this. Your poetry heals. I know nothing about philosophy life, art, literature. I don’t read about them ever, nor am I interested in them.
        But I know that there are people in this world, whose words can have the power to bring solace, my suggestion came from that point.
        Your point also made sense, so….


      7. Of course, I did get the point when you said, “write for us too…” and I must say writing and poetry does heal. When we come face to face with the fear, mishaps, and troubles while writing it helps deal with life’s turmoil. We all have had experiences in our life and turn to the blank pages to write, write, and write and go as deep into the afterthought to seek answers. Writing is indeed empowering and brings solace. It also teaches society to allow people to heal and reprimand the prejudices which can be overbearing.


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