The Books

A profound book is difficult to choose. It does not want the exaggerated popularity and only attracts the reader who sincerely wishes to read those words. The friendship with a book starts with silent acknowledgment and esoteric connection that begins by holding the book.

The connection and friendship with such a book is always a matter of great fortune. To choose a book wisely is the beginning of learning, advancement, and deep understanding of life. In the age of glitz and sensationalism, the sincere books are lost somewhere. Like good friends, a profound book can guide the reader towards true knowledge and self-realisation.

There is so little time to waste on unnecessary words. When you as a reader do not have the luxury to choose but read those books which are advertised, ill-advised, and embellished with amateur critique. Once you spiral down the thoughtless books, it will be too late to realise that you are surrounded by some phoney friends (books) to misguide you to a world of chaos.

Choose the books carefully! It is your consciousness and willingness to spend quality time to broaden the scope of the journey with meaningful words. The satisfying journey with books is always a matter of choice. How you wish to be influenced by books depends entirely on your ability to start a valuable and lifelong friendship.


9 thoughts on “The Books

  1. Some of the best moments in life are finishing books and the euphoria that follows, the one where you just want to share it with all your friends, you classmates/coworkers and your taxi driver. Lol. But I’ve genuinely only had that after reading a book I’ve held in my hand. Turned the paper pages with my fingers and closed the back cover with a smile.

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    1. Very well said! That’s how storytelling survives and creates friendships. That one book/books stays in your mind; with its rich philosophies and characters, the transformation is for real. Yes, reading a real book (not a digital version), holding it, is something special. It’s as if you are lost in an interesting world.

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