Missing Crowd and Incomprehensible Void

If you missed the waves of a crowd

The void desperately hallucinates about loneliness

Either floating in some nameless realm or at a bottomless abyss

Inimically buoyant consciousness and its surge

Much forceful and persistent compared to the multitude

Whose influence you have escaped for now

Communicating in a void of a nameless journey

Unseen waves are more critical and challenging

Gauging the spaceless dimensions as a mortal

Feeble consciousness barely manages to stay afloat

Here, there are no names, fame, or criticism

No prejudices to be judgemental about

Time stays still, as this eternal universe

Imperial light is brighter than the eyes sensitivity

There are no shapes to confine life

Only vast wilderness of nothingness and timelessness

Less of a burden it should have been

The consciousness is too frail to survive the burden

Of emptiness that births the entire truth


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