The Wandering Day

The day wanders away aimlessly

As if being warned by the stern eyes of an angry world

Eternity is boundless and wouldn’t care much

Unconfined feelings survive the indifference

That unknown uncertainty deluge the masses

Misdirected, delirious, and exhausted

Angered by the dawn of another day of struggle

Inability to persevere with the hastiness

Yet, the mind and body is drawn without consent

Who blames the world? But destiny is always faulty

Possessions are liabilities; let’s acquire more

Swallowing the drivel that is being served

A faint hearing, weak vision, frail philosophies

There is an unknown phenomenon

Of escaping through the lapses of such time

Before death can sing a lullaby; final conclusion

Spare some moment for the soul

Speak to the dawn for some celestial message


4 thoughts on “The Wandering Day

    1. The philosophy of the universe and cosmic conscious is eternal, we are not. But life transforms according to the energies of the Elements of existence. So, after death and destruction, life continues, evolves, and even some of life is beyond our understanding. There’s so much the eyes cannot see, but the consciousness can.

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