Unfolding Turmoil

Unfolding from the didactic discourses

Dialectical and delusional approaches with stern eyes

What’s birthed is beyond the imagination of life

Souls nurtured with acrimony; the decimation of senses

Chances of survival under the forensic eyes are slim

Shouting tyrants can become the greatest joke

Ears have been used to the dirtiest language possible

To dehumanise; thus, delineates the purpose 

Mightiest minions inflated with volatile sentiments

When there’s less of laughter and healthy languages

Stories are expunged from memories and books

Educated on the hubris, the languages become demonic

Perish, if the sentried ideologies are unacceptable

Imbeciles seek glory in mayhem and deathly games

No one is victorious, but the existence is shamed

Lowered to the abysses and living is utter disgust

Genuflecting in front of the King of Darkness

The fate of both worlds entangled in turmoil


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