Cannot Rest

I cannot rest my mind on this tumultuous earth

Softer dreams have been pulled away 

Present inconveniences were slipped through the yawning door

Judgemental errors lead to confiscations of preciousness

Of life that is tranquil and sprinkled with golden moments 

Unrevealed abysses have opened up 

Must be the persistent orders from the ruler of the darkened world

Frozen ogres have woken up hastily

Years of sleep and dreams of creating mayhem in this world

Which has been of neglect, fear, rage, carnage, and abandonment

Of dreams from precious life; that’s when the faults open up

Pulling away the dreams, love, patience, and radiance

Every home share the stories of struggle in sleeplessness

Only fragments remain of those dreams to remind the world

The sophistication of artificial emotions isn’t enough


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