How many times do you inquire about yourself? It does take courage to question the perceptions, beliefs, and to change. The natural changes are more difficult to understand compared to the ones that are forced on us. A mind is prepared for a lifelong reality of facing such induced changes. It restricts the inner philosophies from exploring the natural flow of life. All that courage … Continue reading Knowing

Not As You Think

Overstepping the boundaries, overreaching, more than the minds can perceive Such reasons irrational squelch and pester unreasonably with saner minds Irresistible boundaries demarcated with hubris; there’s no other escape Criticisms take sinister forms- on the face of it or camouflaged with sophistication Groundless reasons emerge from the highly convoluted consciousness Deception isn’t even an offence; used against any truthful reason and aspirations The furious trajectory … Continue reading Not As You Think