How many times do you inquire about yourself? It does take courage to question the perceptions, beliefs, and to change. The natural changes are more difficult to understand compared to the ones that are forced on us. A mind is prepared for a lifelong reality of facing such induced changes. It restricts the inner philosophies from exploring the natural flow of life. All that courage we gather is to fend off unnecessary questions about the mundane. Being unfamiliar with the true-self and inner reality impede the growth of consciousness. Suppressing the senses will silence the natural instincts of hearing the Universe. It’s impossible settling down by unsettling the mind! A meaningful silence and introspection help identify the true self. Let the chaos around you become exhausted by your patience. Life is not the problem, but the thoughts that imprison the mind are. There is a tendency to rush life by comparing it to the illusion of time. Know yourself without comparing! Consciousness is the truthful eyes to comprehend this profound life. 


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