Not As You Think

Overstepping the boundaries, overreaching, more than the minds can perceive

Such reasons irrational squelch and pester unreasonably with saner minds

Irresistible boundaries demarcated with hubris; there’s no other escape

Criticisms take sinister forms- on the face of it or camouflaged with sophistication

Groundless reasons emerge from the highly convoluted consciousness

Deception isn’t even an offence; used against any truthful reason and aspirations

The furious trajectory of such thoughts are the most vicious forms of threat

Illusions are defences of the meek who have not been able to evolve 


21 thoughts on “Not As You Think

    1. Thank you so much. When we think all day through the rushed times we rarely realise how irreconcilable thoughts compels the mind to conform. The challenge to free ourselves and transcend these mundane tasks is realized in quiet introspection.

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      1. You are welcome!
        “The challenge to free ourselves and transcend these mundane tasks is realized in quiet introspection.”
        I agree. However, not everyone can verse the need to transcend mundane tasks as you do!
        Once again, beautiful work!

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    1. Thank you so much, Megha. Glad you liked this poetry.

      I had been a student of Literature. I started writing quite by chance, but now pursue it seriously. I feel creativity and creative skill has lots to do with philosophy and keen observation; also, the imagination to express them with metaphors and literary devices. I wouldn’t suggest few writer’s, but reading quality literature, classic literature, and yes, increasing the vocabulary will give more freedom to express.

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  1. I love these lines in particular:
    “The furious trajectory of such thoughts are the most vicious forms of threat
    Illusions are defences of the meek who have not been able to evolve” – indeed they are. Very well written, Amitav.

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      1. It is Amitav and how does one fight such a thing? The deception has no substance yet can appear solid to others.
        And then there are those cruel people who turn the deception side on and tell you you’re crazy for even thinking such things. It’s like being blindfolded and spun in circles.

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      2. The only way I see is to be conscious, each one of us, urgently and for individual good. Rather than allowing the confusing propaganda influencing us, it is as a individual a responsibility to analyse that deceptive reality; scrutinize it, even if the world feels other wise. It’s easier said than done, but possible. This existence is profound and only if we listen carefully we will definitely have the answers.

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      3. I agree, Amitav.
        But we must also cut to our own deception too. Sometimes it’s easy to forget we deceive ourselves. Perhaps we need to hold ourselves up to the light just as much as others.

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      4. That’s true and very well said. Our own deception too influences our perception. If we realize that and look at the positive aspect of life, we become more dear to it. The universe always embraces the conscious one and shows the right path.


      5. That’s interesting. I’ve always been of the opinion that I have two eyes for a reason; to see the shadows and the light. I don’t look away from so called negativity but I don’t favour it either. I search it for why it’s there, what does it need to tell me. Once I know that I can work through the issue and it goes. The dark is only the absence of light and even in science we know that light is born of darkness. So to I harvest light from my shadows. Well, that’s how I make sense of my experiences. I don’t expect it to be the same for others.
        I’ve enjoyed talking with you Amitav, thank you for your time and dialogue 😊

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      6. We are being of the Light, the elements of this Universe. The ‘light and darkness’, ‘positive and negative’ is the worldly reality. There’s so much we can see with the conscious eyes, even with eyes closed; meditative reality. Every opposing force that is inimical to this being can be neutralized with the greater forces of life; that which we call positive or I call it transcendence, to rise above the inimical energies to realize the radiance of life and existence. How we concentrate, or what we concentrate on is important. We have to see with the mind’s eyes too.
        Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Maggie. 🙂

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