For Better Times

The barrenness of darkness due to lack of decent metaphors

Shadows feel vulnerable too in the midst of the inelegant drama

Conceiving beauty from melancholy is the work of masterpiece

Words like little finely cut jewels- intricately chiseled to shape the facets

The world will reflect on the sheer beauty and resilience of a poet

Surviving the adversity with dignity; creativity, a gift to mankind

Those who seek that welcoming corner to rest on softer emotions

Work of art is a responsible storytelling for the ardent ones

Life is not only the interplay of shadow and light without feelings

Space between barrenness and abundance of life is another reality

Allow the lovely jewels to enhance the work with genuineness



8 thoughts on “For Better Times

  1. So beautiful and heart wrenching.

    This is from my piece, ‘The Seamstress’, it feels appropriate here:
    “learn to love the ashes in your mouth because they mean you burned bright enough to make them”.

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