Night’s Stillness

Stay still, for the loopholes are the nooses waiting to trap the careless one

The world may be fit for the slowness of change

Transformations that emerge in tranquil amidst the slowly waning day

A moonless night’s mysterious glow echoes the sentiments of a forgotten epoch

Walk closer to destiny, the paths that are arranged for the lonely feet 

That does not lead to the captivity of happy dreams 

Without the perils of evil veils and spells, this is a world of ultimate awakening

Tyrant thoughts ne’er allows the spirited heart to enjoy

Dull eyes cannot unsee the unfolding trauma of beguiling images

Spirits tamed by the unholy spells yell at the tranquility and slowness

Cure the ailing spirit and wait for the vibrant morning to appear

When the melancholic faces do not shine anymore and talk of loopholes

The outstretched night decides to change its path 

With days of grief gone, no forlorn times will linger here carelessly


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