Longest is the year of indecisiveness

Slothful moments take away the initial euphoria

On the cold floor, the tiny feet feel uncomfortable

When the world is in a hurry

Those looking through this chaos curiously

Wonders, if the steps are immature 

Unfathomable for the world that decides quickly

Judgemental, without the sagacity to judge

Life is not  a catalog of some random ideas

From nascency to ripeness one cannot rush

There aren’t any twins of life either

Maybe, some distant reflection of this journey

On some distant surface of an unknown reality

Nursing this life carefully with love can awaken

Though slowly, the consciousness to know life

From its slow transformation; feeling with senses

Elements of life are precious

Without willingly tarnishing the profoundness

Tied, tired, and terrified of all the fallacious assumptions

‘Tis a lengthy and a wily step that wilts towards the nadir

Fate flung away towards the deep darkness

Arms cannot reach the territories to beg for mercy

Deceived by the indecisiveness 

Manipulated to wake up with the altering reality


6 thoughts on “Toilsome

    1. Thank you, Megha. Yes you are right, the hastened life gives little or no scope to think coherently. We just surrender to the rush.
      At the end, we have a choice to join this or to remain content and happy without the desire to accumulate materialistic things.

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      1. The aspirations, ambition and the coercive nature of the definition of success drives people to compare their life with others, thus, the societal pressure in a way compels them to do so, without a scope to choose. Yet, I have seen many people opting out of this rush having realised the futility of all this propaganda.

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