Poetry (Un)Explained

Poetry explained is poetry weakened. Let my curiousness allow me to read poetry without the unnecessary introductions and explanations. The lure of poetry has to be such with the right amount of emotions and metaphors. If I am influenced by the lengthy prelude and that orchestrates my imagination and interest in a poem, I won’t be able to experience the metaphors with freedom. A poet’s plot of a poem and storytelling has to be intriguing. The poet’s authority in composing a poem with mastery over the emotions while crafting them with necessary language. Let the reader’s judge and critique poetry! The freedom that poetry gives to the reader in understanding the perspectives is what makes poetics so alluring.


9 thoughts on “Poetry (Un)Explained

  1. Personally, I like to understand. I don’t feel it takes away the complexity or the shadows to a work. I believe no one truly understands either themselves or their art. When I hear an author explain a work, an artist elaborate on a painting, a musician articulate where the music came from, a vocalist put into words the expression and meaning behind their song, an actor explain the motivation behind the way they act, it only leaves me with an understanding of the nuances and depth of the human heart and mind. It is like looking at a lake and suddenly seeing the ripples on the surface that give dimension to the scene but never knowing the true depths that lie beneath the surface.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I feel the mystery of poetry, art, fiction unraveled by the writer/artist/poet shows only their perspective. Whereas, creativity that is inspired by the social milieu, artist’s personal experience and other surreal imaginations can best be presented to the reader as a gift to be explored. I understand your viewpoint, but the paintings of Van Gogh, Paul Cezzane, Paul Gagauin still hold as much mystery and fascinates art lovers even today. Like Dali’s surrealism is best unexplained. I love his Art because that surrealistic journey allows me to think, imagine, and never come to a concrete conclusion. In fiction too, be it Oscar Wilde, Tolstoy, Charles Dickens, and Dostoevsky to name a few, their work is still be researched and read with as much passion. Let Creativity unravel its beauty on its own was the idea behind this quote.
      I respect your explanation and thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. Indeed, it takes the conversation forward.

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      1. Literature, Arts, Creativity always shapes the mind to critically think, debate, imagine, and create. We can all have different perspectives but the confluence of creativity enriches the flow of ideas and help form positive ideologies.

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