Distressing Reality

The universe is clothed in profoundness, brilliance, clarity, wonder, magic To the mind that wishes to settle in the darkness who cannot experience them all Marvel that this life is, becomes a burden with the adoption of troublesome thoughts Sliced between two realities, the thin balance is incredibly a tricky time to negotiate Diffusing negativity and shadows thereafter menacingly drive life towards obscurity Vital nature … Continue reading Distressing Reality

Contrasting Reality

Curtains lifeless, the bed indifferent and less caring to the supine body Eyes startled, and maybe a little lost too, survey the sharp corners of the room Contrasts bring out the disproportionateness of a life that is yet to come out of a reverie At times like this, the senses are half-awakened, but the mind is quite frantic Searching for that meaning beyond the discrepancies … Continue reading Contrasting Reality