Timeless Truth

The truth does not change with the sunrise and sunset

It is there, omnipresent; visible to some, felt by others

In there, deep somewhere in the being, when life is quiet

Sometimes when the day fades and transforms

Into a celestial beauty; there, look into her eyes

Angelic, cryptic, and shrouded in mystery of that truth

One cannot deny but defy at the daring insistence of others

Voices that emerge from the busy cauldron of evil

A perpetual ritual of evoking them from the netherworld

Infernal desires that singe and starts a pandemonium

Forgetting the sweetness of that truth that was about to be told

In an angelic voice, but the futility of it all; called inimical fate

Turns that divine moment into a phantasm- cursed times

One who is faithful to the silence and patiently waits

For the truth that is omnipresent and expands the consciousness


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