Chaotic Order

The justifications of unjustifiable, the absurdity of lies

Speaking at inappropriate moments in a debased language

Cringe-worthy exaggerations of body language

Like the magician’s distractionary tricks to pull off a show

The urgency of deception crafts many masks skillfully

Who are they? Whom to believe?

Is there no one to whom one can speak without being ridiculed

Silent, but that scathing judgemental eyes grabbing the words

Only to squeeze them sufficiently and witness their struggle

The evasive philosophies that take you down an unknown spiral

It’s a forceful journey towards an infernal region, once glorified

This disorder may have been anticipated, now it’s self-destructive

Nature of truth has been compromised by some unholy magic

Truth is, no one knows how many volumes hold their distortions

Crucible of chaos, the decibels of power seem to be laughable


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