The Demands

If not join hands in reverence, then, does the raised voice demand Instead of greeting the fortunes that were inherited, they are plundered Slips off the slopes of ignorance into a greedy abyss Unprepared, unthoughtful, unrefined- the coarse thoughts make it impossible To exist along the tenets of existence; now, speak of broken promises The canopy of falsehoods was never meant to nurture sanctified thoughts … Continue reading The Demands


Errant, but entertaining, even egregious, evokes entropy Entirely endowed with extravagant, energetic, and envious emulation Elated, evasive about ethical enunciation is an excruciating eulogy Effusion; a hasty escape with expectations of enthralling end ~Amitav Continue reading Easy

Boring Passage

The idea of easy-going slander coming off the serrated edges of prejudices Feels like a smooth passage through the unimaginably magnanimous universe Where does it get this eternal patience from to deal with the aberrations? There won’t be any seeds anymore and fruitless ideas will wilt immediately The onus of injuring life, the stifling of love, and trampling the human ethos Detesting the possessions of … Continue reading Boring Passage