The Works of Creativity

Never mould your creativity according to the myriad demands. The mettle of a writer, poet, and artists is determined by the ability to evolve with a kind of uniqueness that reflects from each creation. If a work of creativity is hesitant, reticent, and diluted with echoes of those demands to shape them accordingly, means it is not entirely an honest creation. Once creativity is compromised, it becomes a lifelong struggle to break away from that mould that once felt secure and assured some success. The timidity of such creations is forgotten amongst similarities, where they only determine to agree with certain demands by vague voices.


5 thoughts on “The Works of Creativity

      1. Absolutely. Yes, I agree with you, conjuring with fanciful words without a philosophy is not creativity. I feel creativity should inspire creative minds to think even more; that’s the essence of creativity.

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