The Lines

When the gleam of some borrowed light cannot be trusted

The eyes strain to follow the lines, but the blurriness push away the thoughts

To a different plane of reality; the grainy lines crumble into unknown particles

Dusty, the mind is crowded by the shadows of a rather gloomy day

Trusting those lines that emanated from a vague remembrance proves tricky

For the eyes to tackle the emotions; they view reality in lesser shades of life

Somewhere, they seem to be uncertain and their feigned accent a distraction

Ruining the clarity, while surges of crowded echoes fill the consuming void

There’s talk of fairness, desired conclusions, and the freedom to distort too

Manipulated particles should be seen dancing to undesirable inclinations 

Passions run through those lines to deplete the emotions and ruin them

Ridiculous laughter, overpowering arrogance, the willingness to bend reality


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