Remnants of Rage

Thoughts that were burnt with rage

Once, they were closer to the heart too

Remained there, never occurred for them to be put aside

Impostor moments invited the rage

So much burned, but the flames settled mysteriously

Somewhere in the back of an idled place

Life never rests, even at the most unfortunate times

It’s a brief pause after a burned-out phase

Exhausting moments pull back life a little

Like a crease pinched by the unknown fingers

Manipulating with the tightly held thoughts

In a small bundle, the senses become prisoners

Intense rage and the incarcerating times

For the world to witness the troubled moments

As every possible fragment of hope is searched for

None anywhere, but there’s gloom everywhere

If life had carved a little porch somewhere

Or, directed the rage towards a cool creek

There is no rightness left in the repository

Just the age of rage cage the stage of life


8 thoughts on “Remnants of Rage

    1. Thank you, Bojana.

      There is so much rage all around. Aggressive, passive, and they at some point just arise to unsettle everything.

      Rage is triggered by the fear, the inability to deal with the unknown, and the inabilty to tolerate contrary views. Yet, there is another side of rage that is due to morality and the urge to change.

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  1. The inner turmoils make us have to evolve half cocked since being in mental, physical and emotional harmony is still an unknown but I tend to seek it regardless. I cannot settle for my present state…thanks for a thought-provoking poem/ writing

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