Why Blogs Fail

I find that many blogs are abandoned due to various reasons. Started with much enthusiasm, as blogging is becoming popular, the truth is that almost 54% of bloggers lose interest in taking the blog forward.

Let’s face it, blogging is quite challenging! Starting a blog is relatively easier, but to keep the momentum and passion alive to actively network with people is challenging.

Some of the reasons why a blog fails-

  1. Unrealistic expectations from a blog- some of them dream of thousands of followers and also to generate some income from a blog
  2. Lack of clarity on the purpose of a blog- there is no clear ‘blog statement’ and topics that a blogger wishes to write on
  3. Lack of original content
  4. Promoting a blog rather aggressively across various Social Media platforms (without quality content, it will be a massive failure)
  5. Dreams of huge traffic and the desire to become the next big name in blogging
  6. Blogging becomes a conduit for discussing problems and sharing too many personal details
  7. When bloggers lack passion, creativity, and the open-mindedness to learn how to evolve through the blogging process
  8. When blogs lack a distinct ‘personality’ and there is a propensity to copy the writing style of some of the successful writers/bloggers
  9. When blog posts lack consistency and due to less concentration
  10. Bloggers shy away from commenting or discussing contrary ideas; also not open to any differing viewpoints
  11. Bloggers not replying to comments or acknowledging the readers who take time to leave a comment
  12. Erratic posting or ‘missing in action’ without informing the followers

Hope, blogging becomes more popular and blogs will carry the responsibility to carry forward new ideas for the benefit of future minds. Stay focused, open-minded, and strive more to communicate on futuristic ideas. The entire philosophy of blogging should be to learn and evolve.


17 thoughts on “Why Blogs Fail

  1. Wow, some of these blogger pitfalls don’t get discussed much because either they are not considered or swept under the rug. It’s easy to get a blog going but it takes time and effort or restraint to maintain a community. Thank you for writing this.

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  2. Well it’s okay to dream :). I’ve got no 3, in month 3 of blogging. It’s all and up by me 🙂 planning ahead is the most important for me. Always rewrite before the schedule post of published.

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