Time Slows Down

Does nature mourn the ruins and losses No one can feel the soul at the time of solemnness Wraps a sombre cover of dimmed light  Time to mediate over the departed ones Let no prying eyes and malevolence come near Sanctity of life will renew the existence From times where memories cannot reach There is an eternal bond to rejuvenate  The pale beauty of time … Continue reading Time Slows Down

The Ideas

Throwing those precious ideas in a cauldron of preservatory solutions Hoping, they will not decay and disintegrate, and time will be kinder Invent some process to prevent and circumvent the nature of transformation The magical efforts are imperfect, devious, and amateurish There is no invention to survive the deviation in a compromised environment Compilations of many hypotheses are secret labyrinths to prey on ideas They … Continue reading The Ideas