Poetic Nature and Reality

As a poet, it is difficult not to be inspired by nature. The tranquillity, rage, transformation, struggles, and persistent lessons are not only profound but also teach patience and keen observational skills. It is an undeniable and absolute truth that we are of the elements and energies of nature. There are not many nature poems being composed of some pure passion. It is human to … Continue reading Poetic Nature and Reality

Eyes Struggle

All that is yonder, the eyes struggle to identify their reason Require attention too, but the weather has become murkier Eyes cannot open wider, they are not much wiser either Mysteriously blanketed mind anticipates foul times to intensify Sun is bright, but its temper is harsher compared to epochs Pushed further away from the comprehension of keen mind Out of sight does mean the heart … Continue reading Eyes Struggle

Think of the Mind

How liberated the mind is, the thought never really arrives in a busy life Here, there, elsewhere; so many voices call, cajole, and contravene  As if anchored to the demands of the world that pushes the body all along Some mysterious meanderings coerce the mind to plan accordingly All against the free background, the contrasting pictures of this life emerges Languorous time confiscates freedom; as … Continue reading Think of the Mind