Poetic Freedom

Let there be no pretence in poetry. The creative passion along with the intense feelings for everything that occurs in life finds a place in poetic compositions. Expose the fraudulent intentions so that truth can survive, allow imaginations to be bold and pure, silence the greed, douse the antagonism and shameless warnings to life. Poetry should not be the shadow of all these, but an independent voice to emerge as a messiah who can guide the imaginations to their intended destinations. The cadence of poetry should echo with your inner beliefs. As a poet, thwart all the challenges that intend to make poetry an accomplice in voicing unworthy praises for distressing discriminations. Let poetry unite the voices to recite the healing hymns.


13 thoughts on “Poetic Freedom

      1. After a long good-bye as I made my way up the hill to our local hospital to visit my father these past few weeks, he passed away peacefully on October 1st…time has become rather otherworldly as I begin the steps to close a life well-lived…I am slowly making my way back into the WordPress world…thank you so much for checking in, Amitav, it warms my heart.


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